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Configuring products

Configuring products

Configuring products and product combinations with buildability verification

Your field staff, your dealers or even your customers configure complex products themselves. The underlying set of rules will only allow configurations that can be built and are desired from a sales point of view. The special highlight of the encoway solutions: The set of rules may also be derived from an SAP R/3 system!

Depending on how much they know about your products, users may use various strategies to achieve the desired result: For example, a guided procedure may be chosen to get as much transparency and assistance as possible, while an experienced user will rather opt for the free order. Users define complete projects, save different configurations, change them iteratively and send an inquiry to the manufacturer. The manufacturer can react very quickly and flexibly by providing an appropriate offer as the elaborate check of the offer for plausibility and buildability has already been performed by the configurator. Or, your customers order directly from the connected online shop.

Typical solutions implemented by our customers:

Configurator, variant generator, combination construction kit ...