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Quote preparation
in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Quote preparation
in Microsoft Dynamics® CRM

You offer configurable, multi-variant products or solutions and use Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your sales department? Or you are planning to introduce the system? Then why not make your distribution process even more consistent and faster with encoway's integrated quote preparation!

With the quote preparation integrated in Microsoft Dynamics CRM …

  • suitable products are found quickly in integrated catalogues
  • product and solution combinations are technically verified by a product configurator
  • products or solutions are structured in a customer-oriented manner using a project planning tool
  • prices are found for the products and solutions arranged and costing is effected
  • quotation documents with a professional layout are generated that contain all relevant data

All functions selected are completely integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The user interface uniformly conveys the look-and-feel of the CRM system.

Optionally, existing configurable materials and configuration models are automatically taken over from SAP LO-VC or Baan. The same goes for product and marketing data from PIM or PDM systems. Moreover, the encoway solution enables the automatic creation of quotes and orders as SAP ERP SD documents or transfer to other ERP systems. The same application can also be implemented as a stand-alone version without CRM for specialist suppliers – with your corporate design.

Your benefits:

  • Improve the perceived competence of your company and your services at your customers with the comfortable presentation of extensive product portfolios, the easy creation of structured suggested solutions, the customer-oriented structuring of your quote and by producing appealing quotation documents that meet the marketing requirements.
  • Improve efficiency in your sales department due to the complete integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, easy operation, integrated solution buildability check and rapid generation of customised results.
  • Enhance process reliability due to the standardised interfaces with ERP, PIM and PDM systems and automatic transfer of data.
  • Install consistent processes that reduce your operating and process costs due to the integration into existing systems.
  • Ensure acceptance by your users in the sales department by making operation easy with just one user interface in the known system.
  • Safeguard the success of your project by using standardised solutions and introduction processes.
  • Obtain a high degree of investment protection due to our long-standing and certified partnerships with SAP and Microsoft.