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Combine products? K-Config

You wish to offer your complex, multi-variant products in the form of a construction kit? Technical clarification of quotes is time-consuming and error-prone? With K-Config, your sales staff can create customised quotes on site. Components and their combinations are selected quickly and observing technical restrictions. A set of rules ensures buildability and that the solution will be released by the sales department. Identical requirements will always lead to the same result. Predefined solutions and standards improve the efficiency of marketing staff activities. Management of product data and sets of rules for object dependencies is easily controlled and does not require programming.

The highlights:

  • No "no-hit" results
  • Target group specific views
  • Provide quotes in several languages
  • Use existing data
  • Integration into existing IT landscape
  • Easy modelling of complex interrelations
  • Check of margins
  • Optional: SAP R/3 integration