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Transfer logic from SAP R/3? K-Connect

You are using SAP R/3 and already have modelled the extensive object dependencies in the SAP variant configurator for other internal workflows? Why not use this investment for your sales activities? K-Connect provides the basis for this. Independent of your SAP system, product data and its dependencies can be used to prepare quotes on laptops or customer CDs.

Advantage 1: You manage the data and the object dependencies in one location only.

Advantage 2: The quotes generated are compatible with the possibilities defined in SAP.

Advantage 3: You extend the BOM-oriented SAP view by feature-oriented and application-oriented marketing views.

The highlights:

  • SAP as the leading system
  • SAP-compliant configuration also offline
  • No external modelling required
  • Intelligent search function for configurable materials
  • Supplement SAP configuration by marketing aspects
  • Use languages managed in SAP also offline
  • Additional benefit for marketing, distribution and engineering processes