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Generate appealing quotation documents with K-Document

K-Document supports your quote preparation process …

  • in SAP ERP
  • in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Use K-Document to generate documents …

  • that are customised, standardised and meet the requirements
  • quickly, systematically and without faults
  • that have an appealing layout

Use the popular Microsoft Word software with all layout design options, create templates and automatically transfer data from your systems with the required process reliability.

The highlights:

  • Create appealing, customised documents
  • Can be integrated into SAP ERP
  • Can be integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Automatically transfer, combine and use data
  • Add images and text to your documents
  • Create Microsoft Word templates with your own layout
  • Generate documents at the push of a button
  • Subsequent revision in Microsoft Word



For more information on our K-Document for SAP SD add-on go to (available in German language only):