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Make preparation of quotes more comfortable and efficient!

Is the sales department on top of your variance, too? QuoteAssistant allows your sales agents (retailers, partners) direct access to technical know-how and the latest product data and therefore facilitates sales.

The QuoteAssistant is the standard solution for the sales of modular solutions and can be flexibly adjusted to your needs.

Use the QuoteAssistant to …

  • accelerate your quote preparation process
  • standardise and simplify your quote preparation process
  • improve the quality of your quotations
  • quickly use up-to-date product and price information in relevant languages
  • make your entire portfolio available at the point of sale
  • offer products already proven to be buildable, with a configurator that can optionally be integrated
  • generate uniform, appealing and clearly structured documents
  • work with a user-friendly solution
  • use one system for your multichannel distribution, for your dealer scenarios ...

Integration and interfaces of the QuoteAssistant:

  • Integration into CRM Systems via standardised interfaces. We offer the QuoteAssistant for Microsoft Dynamics CRM edition to companies already using Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Predefined interfaces with other systems and data sources (e.g. SAP ERP and other ERP systems as well as PIM, PDM)


The highlights:

  • Quote preparation within a few minutes
  • Configurator can be integrated
  • Appealing quotation documents
  • Adaptable calculation procedure
  • Fast availability of up-to-date and correct data at the PoS
  • Comfortable and easy handling
  • Consistent processes