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QuoteAssistant – functions

Already the standard version of the QuoteAssistant covers most of the requirements on efficient and reliable quote preparation.

The QuoteAssistant supports the following sub-processes of quote preparation:

  • Establish reference to the customer, e.g.:
    • Access from the CRM
    • Via an integrated address management
  • Compile solutions, e.g.:
    • Find products using an integrated product selector
    • Offer the full bandwidth of complex products using an integrable variant configurator in a single-stage or multi-stage process
    • Define and offer preset favourites that are clarified as regards buildability
  • Structure your quote, e.g.:
    • Group items and add free items
    • Structure quotes based on customer requirements/calls for tenders
    • Compile projects
    • Price calculation with different price lists
    • Use costing sheets for flexible granting of discounts
    • Identify options
  • Prepare the quotation document, e.g.:
    • Indication or detailed quotes
    • Use quotation document templates to ensure consistent quality
    • Integrate text modules related to the context
  • Convert to order, e.g.:
    • With Integration of automated SD document creation in the SAP ERP



Address selection
Product compilation
Configuration (optional)
Free text
Sample document