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Example Hydrometer


The company

Hydrometer GmbH
Measurement and control technology
450 employees


The process of technical clarification of customer inquiries is the focus of Hydrometer's configurator project. At the push of a button, sales staff are to see whether an already existing product can meet the customer's requirements. If not, they can generate a new product. Performance and buildability are ensured by an underlying set of rules. This knowledge base is the core of the product management at Hydrometer, enabling the company to quickly and flexibly respond to any customer inquiry.


Sales staff can very quickly find the right products from the standard range by using the article number search or a navigation tree or entering product features. If no acceptable solution is found among existing products, the employee expands the solution space and defines a suitable product in accordance with the set of rules defined by product management and design. In this way, buildability is already proven. An automatic synchronising mechanism guarantees that no other employee is simultaneously generating the same new product. The new product is created in the ERP system via a webservice interface, so the next employee will immediately find the "innovation" in its standard catalogue.


  • Quick finding of existing products
  • Taking account of customer agreements
  • Drastically shortened customer inquiry response time
  • Complete technical clarification of the order
  • Standardisation of the solution finding process
  • No duplicate development / duplicate creation of article numbers
  • Extensive testing functions, e.g. consistency check
  • Automatic generation of extensive product descriptions
  • Complex products, yet low expenditure for modelling
  • Can be expanded independently to support the production processes

encoway modules used: