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Example Lenze DSC

Drive solution catalogue

The company

Lenze AG
Drive technology
3,000 employees


Both sales engineers and customers of Lenze can find and configure the product variants that meet their requirements in a simple, fast and technically correct manner. In combination with all data required for the engineering process, a considerable benefit results compared to existing solutions. At the same time, the internal processes are optimised as the basic data including the configuration rules are taken over from the existing SAP R/3 system. In this way, the electronic catalogue can be updated efficiently and, above all, without errors as the data and the underlying set of rules are managed at just one location.

Intelligent catalogue with configurable articles



The DSC electronic catalogue contains all the drive components presently offered by Lenze. Sales engineers use it to draw up individual quotes for customers. All products can be gathered in a central shopping cart. In the customer version, the shopping cart is sent to Lenze as a quote request. The version for the sales department automatically generates the customer-specific quotation, including the SAP-compliant pricing. The data can be used further, in various formats, e.g. in a merchandise management system. The same system can be used both offline on CD and on the internet.

SAP-compliant configuring – also offline on CD


  • Quick finding of suitable product variants
  • Technical buildability already verified
  • All information required for the engineering process available
  • Additional information such as eplan macros and CAD models integrated
  • Data and object dependencies taken over from SAP R/3
  • Target group specific versions for customers and field staff
  • One solution for use on the internet and on CD
  • Updating at the push of a button
Easy takeover and change of dynamic set values
Automatic generation of 3D objects – also for download
Completed quote at the push of a button

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