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Proline Server Configurator

The company

Schroff GmbH
Electronic packaging
1,200 employees


In the course of activities to optimise customer service it was intended to provide Schroff customers with an internet configurator to guide them to an appropriate solution based on their requirements and Schroff products. The special challenge: Schroff's customers think in projects, which may include a large number of cabinets of the most varied types. Once a type is created, it shall be possible to save, copy and modify it for other projects as well. Only that kind of solution would mean an additional competitive edge for the business processes of Schroff customers.

Online configuration of complex switch cabinets



Schroff's customers are using the new server cabinet configurator on the internet to design offers themselves in a fast and efficient manner. Intelligent navigation and selection options allow targeted access to the available range of cabinet components. In a guided process, even inexpert users can very quickly configure a server cabinet without making an error. Diverse options for the cabinets enable the products to be adjusted to individual requirements. Subsequent alteration or verification is not necessary. The result of the configuration is an offer generated by the customer itself which is clarified as regards technical matters and can be turned into an order directly. The updating process is integrated into Schroff's existing data management, so the configurator data need not be administered separately.

Use completed configurations also for other projects



  • Quick configuring of suitable product variants
  • Integrated plausibility and buildability check
  • No "no-hit" results
  • No prescribed order of the decisions
  • Project-oriented approach: including storage and modification of the configuration
  • Integration into existing IT landscape
  • Takeover of data and object dependencies from ASIM DHW information management
  • Updating at the push of a button
  • ONE solution for use on the internet, easily expandable for offline and CD scenarios
Unrestricted configuration – set priorities yourself
Save results locally or request a quote directly from Schroff

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