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Example Lenze DSD

Drive Solution Designer

The company

Lenze AG
Drive technology
3,000 employees


The correct dimensioning of drives is the alpha and the omega of system planning. The profile of the requirements at the customer's determines the dimensioning and selection of the appropriate drive solution. Different components each of which can be configured are combined to form a system that can be proven to meet the requirements specified by the customer. This process of technical clarification of an order requires a lot of know-how and demanding calculations and is drastically shortened and improved in terms of quality through the support provided by K-Assistant.

Application-oriented approach: What problem is to be solved?



The Drive Solution Designer supports sales staff in the reliable dimensioning and selection of individual drive solutions on site at the customer's. In this way, correct and optimised drive solutions can be designed quickly based on commercially available applications such as spindle, rack and pinion, traction or lift drives – without time-consuming queries. The solutions generated can be provided as standards throughout the company and adjusted to the customer's wishes if required. The software integrates detailed specialised and product knowledge from design and application to form an important and comprehensive basis for taking account of the many and varied dependencies between the components and their combinability. The result is a dimensioning report with corresponding drive analyses.

Nothing will be forgotten: Determination of ambient conditions



  • Quick drive dimensioning based on a library of modifiable standard applications
  • Wide availability of up-to-date product and application knowledge at the point of sale
  • Substantial saving of time in the process of technical clarification of an offer
  • Integrated plausibility and combinability check
  • Generation of drive analyses
  • Comparison of alternatives
  • Graphic representation of results
  • Easy operation
The result delivered by the DSD is a complete dimensioning report.
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