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Preparing quotes

Appealing quotation documents ...

... from SAP ERP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ...

Quotation documents are an important marketing and distribution tool. In addition to providing all relevant data and information, they are primarily to convey competence be appealing. With the quotation document, you will influence your customers' purchase decision and stand out among your competitors.

However, in real life, the requirement of an appealing quotation document layout is often met just insufficiently as design options are very few in common ERP or CRM systems and manual preparation is a time-consuming and error-prone alternative.

encoway's K-Document will optimise your quote preparation process:

  • Systematically generate customised quotation documents with a clear structure and an appealing layout.
  • Draw up document templates in Microsoft Word simply and in compliance with requirements.
  • Take over data from your systems automatically and with the required process reliability.

K-Document combines the tried and tested functionality of Microsoft Word with your ERP or CRM system. You can use all layout and design features of Microsoft Word and automatically take over the quotation data you need from SAP ERP or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The open interfaces of K-Document enable the integration of process data and multimedia contents to present your company and your services.

Upon generation of the quotation document, your information and data are compiled uniformly with the required process reliability and presented in an appealing fashion. For further use in internal departments, you can draw up additional documents for specific target groups and needs.

Your benefits:

  • Improve the perceived and visible competence of your company and your services by generating appealing quotation documents that meet the marketing requirements.
  • Improve efficiency in your sales department due to easy operation and fast, fault-free results.
  • Enhance process reliability and flexibility in your sales department by drawing up and editing document templates easily and independently.
  • Install consistent processes that reduce operating and process costs due to the integration into existing systems.
  • Safeguard the success of your project by using standardised solutions and introduction processes.
  • Obtain a high degree of investment protection due to our long-standing and certified partnerships with SAP and Microsoft.