4 reasons for a 3D configurator

The advantages of visual configuration for industrial companies

Visual configurators are also becoming increasingly popular in B2B sales. And 3D configurators are much more than just a brief trend. They are able to make even complex and technically demanding portfolios interactive and tangible online. n the capital goods industry in particular, but also in the field of construction products, they provide long-term help to open up new sales channels with attractive sales potential. They are also an ideal means of efficiently organising sales processes and reducing costs.

The following four reasons illuminate why companies should opt for a visual configuration solution, especially if they sell complex products and solutions:

1. Acceleration of the sales process

A 3D configurator is a powerful sales tool. It simplifies the interaction with the customer, and provides an attractive self-service option and an individual product experience for the customer. The process of finding the right solution is significantly accelerated, because the customer is able to see the configuration result realistically and in real time. They can always see whether the product meets their requirements and how changes affect the appearance and price. This reduces the consulting effort, strengthens trust and speeds up the purchase decision.

2. Reduction of process costs

Visual configurators significantly free up capacity for sales and specialist departments such as engineering. Detailed acceptance drawings are generated automatically. Time-consuming queries and the creation of CAD drawings are no longer necessary. Time-consuming queries and the creation of CAD drawings are no longer necessary. Incorrect orders and complaints can also be avoided, because only feasible products and solutions can be configured. Thanks to the realistic presentation of products and materials, there is also no need to provide expensive product samples.

3. Opening up of new sales potential

Thanks to interactive 3D configuration, products and solutions requiring explanatory support which could previously only be offered via direct sales can now also be sold via web shops, sales partners and retailers. In this way, new sales channels and sales potential can be opened up without any waste of time and energy. Thanks to the realistic representation, queries and explanations are no longer necessary. Potential customers engage more intensely with the solutions. More time is spent on the website, which has a positive effect on search engine rankings and lead generation. The ability to independently configure products online also improves the resale rate

4. Increased customer satisfaction

Product configurators with 3D visualisation allow products and systems from multiple-variant portfolios to be put together with ease and without any explicit specialist knowledge. They provide a better understanding of the product and help to avoid frustration, misunderstandings and false expectations on the part of the customer. The customer engages more intensively with the product and establishes an emotional bond more quickly. In addition, they can rest assured that the product variant offered perfectly meets their requirements. This avoids complaints, ensures customer satisfaction and strengthens customer loyalty.

Visual configuration with encoway CPQ:

  • Interactive configuration of products, systems and solutions in real time
  • Positioning and modifying of individual components and parts using drag & drop
  • Delay-free rotating, zooming and swivelling of the product view
  • Photo-realistic images of product variants and materials
  • Realistic images in various environments and lighting conditions
  • Central maintenance of product data, and logical and visual rules
  • Integration of new variants, materials and textures without programming skills
  • Creation and modification of material properties in a real-time 3D view