Our authors

Achim Angel

Managing director, KiM GmbH

Alexander Felfernig

Graz University of Technology

Sebastian Behnen

Head of Project Development, encoway GmbH

Dr. Björn Höfling

Consultant Product Modelling / Project Development at encoway GmbH

Anne Jütting

User Experience Designer at encoway GmbH

Stefan Keinitz

Head of Product and Data modellingat at encoway GmbH

Dr. Thorsten Krebs

Head of Consulting at encoway GmbH

Nina Malaka

Strategic Marketing at encoway GmbH

Uwe Metzger

Founder and owner of I&R Innovation & Results, Assling near Munich

Klaas Nebuhr

Member of the Executive Board/Head of Marketing at encoway GmbH

Ralf Purnhagen

Head of Product- and Portfolio Management at encoway GmbH

Christoph Ranze

Managing Director, encoway GmbH

Nils Rehm

IT Service Manager at encoway GmbH

Dr. Stefan Rudolf

Senior Engineer at the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL) of the RWTH Aachen University

Simon Schröder

Sales Manager / Head of Sales at encoway GmbH

Dr. Thomas Sindt

Project Manager at encoway GmbH

Dr. Sandra Szech

Managing Director, Odego GmbH

Utlef Tonding

Head of Process Management at encoway GmbH

Guido Vehring

Head of Project Development at encoway GmbH