About the Alexander Felfernig

Alexander Felfernig, Graz University of Technology

Alexander Felfernig has been the Professor of Applied Software Development at Graz University of Technology since 2009. His research focuses on product configuration, diagnostics, recommendation systems and theories of human decision making. Alexander Felfernig has presented and published numerous articles at international conferences and in international journals – in particular the books “Recommender Systems” (Cambridge University Press), “Configuration Systems” (Morgan Kaufmann) and “Group Recommender Systems” (Springer). As part of his current research, he is working on two Horizon 2020 projects on the topics “Recommendation and Configuration Technologies for IoT Scenarios” and “Recommendation Technologies for Supporting Software Requirements Engineering”. Within the national research initiative “Self-Organising Learning Technologies” AI technologies are developed that counteract the Curve of Forgetting. Further details can be found here: www.felfernig.eu 

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