About the author Dr. Sandra Szech

Dr.-Ing. Sandra Szech, Managing Director Odego GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Sandra Szech (née Eilmus) gained her first experience with multiple-variant products in the automotive industry. As a research associate at the Institute of Product Development and Mechanical Engineering Design at the Hamburg University of Technology, she later carried out research for the development of modular products in industrial projects. She founded Odego GmbH in 2014 together with her colleague at the university Thomas Gumpinger. Odego advises, empowers and supports machinery and plant manufacturers with state-of-the-art tools for planning and developing multiple-variant products. Its customers include both series manufacturers and in particular make-to-order manufacturers. Odego started working with encoway at an early stage.

The collaboration allows solutions for variant-oriented products to be combined with solutions for variant-oriented processes – and that is precisely what industry needs in this age of digitisation.

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