Product configurator selection: Why should you involve sales?

Have you ever bought something from someone who wasn’t enthusiastic about their job? Who had no real interest in selling? Probably not. Normally, we instinctively reject grumpy salespeople immediately together with their products.

So what is the reason that some salespeople are enthusiastic and others not? Of course, everyone is different and not everyone is a natural ray of sunshine… However, selling is a feeling. If I look forward to my job every day, then I can share my good mood with others. The product itself is then almost secondary. Selling is a feeling Being a salesperson is a feeling. To be a salesperson you have to inspire others.

What does this have to do with software? A great deal in fact, and I want to warn you about a mistake that I experience almost every day. As a salesperson at encoway, I sell software designed for salespeople. Our software creates attractive and professional quotations. Our software ensures a uniform outward appearance. Our software speeds up the sales process. And all of these things help to inspire the salespeople.

How many salespeople do you think are involved in a decision about new sales software? That’s right; as a rule none! These decisions are made by the IT department, product management or even by the accounts department.

Of course all departments are eager to have their say in the selection of sales tool software. At the end of the day, however, the sales staff should be the ones who decide whether they like the new software, so they can drive to their customers full of enthusiasm every day.

Sales comes from selling, selling means making the customer enthusiastic about your product, and enthusiasm is a feeling. So don’t just sit your salespeople down in front of the software solution and tell them why it’s good.