Configurator API

Integrate the configurator into your own applications

You can access encoway CPQ Showroom directly in your applications – regardless of whether it concerns a webshop for your customers or the back-end system of your sales department. You are able to extend the existing systems with ease using a powerful configurator, you can use individual user interfaces, and you are able to map your processes without any system discontinuities and access the central product and configuration knowledge. t is up to you whether you integrate the CPQ solution yourself or make use of the support offered by encoway.

Individual product communication

With the powerful API (API: application programming interface) of encoway CPQ Showroom you can implement your ideas individually – regarding design as well as user guidance. It does not matter whether you operate the configurator as an independent application or integrate the user interface directly into your shop- or content management systems. You can rest assured that you will offer your customers a bespoke user experience in the corporate design of your company.

Technology that builds bridges

encoway CPQ Showroom is not only useful for the external presentation of your products and solutions. The API also offers you the option of using the configuration functions in your back-end systems. It ensures that you access the same data in design and manufacturing as in the sales configuration. You avoid duplicate data maintenance, errors and inconsistencies. The configurator API gives you access to the core features of the encoway configurator and uses standard platform-neutral technologies (JSON + HTTP) for back-end communication. You can, of course, also use the REST service directly in the browser and implement your interfaces with client-side JavaScript.