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Are you aware of the challenges and opportunities when it comes to making your company fit for the future? Although most companies are familiar with the challenges, they often find it difficult to identify specific potential and to define an appropriate course of action based on this.

Above all, many companies lack a clear picture of their initial situation. For example, we often see inefficient processes due to a lack of integration between different departments, and thinking in silos. Companies also struggle with the inadequate quality of their master data and product structures – without recognising this as an actual cause of high process costs.


Our consulting services encoway Consulting provides you with end-to-end consultancy services covering everything from customer needs and efficient processes to suitable data structures.

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Our subject areas are:

Market Fit

WHYis there customer interaction (in the anonymous market)?
WHAT sells well and what doesn‘t?

Aligning the product portfolio perfectly to the needs of the market

We often see companies describing their most valuable asset – their product portfolio – by listing all the amazing technical features. And these are often grouped with product names that are also of technical origin. The customer need, the real reason for the search for a suitable product, remains unaddressed. Prospective customers cannot find what they are looking for without outside help!

encoway Consulting provides you with support in answering the following questions:

  • How much variance do I actually need? Would customers also be satisfied with the standard offering – but are not even aware that it exists? We also support you in the question of how to map the appropriate solution internally (for example selection versus configuration).
  • How can I structure my portfolio to ensure that customers can find what they are looking for? The key to achieving this goal is often: take the outside-in perspective and hide the technical details.
  • What sells well and what doesn’t? Which variants do I generate the most sales with? In the era of the batch size of 1, the question is rather: which combination of attributes do customers request most frequently? A business-intelligence analysis based on features instead of material numbers can provide interesting results. It serves as the basis for defining standards and optimising your applications using guided selling.

Sales Empowerment

HOW do I enter into dialogue with the customer (with known customers in direct dialogue)?

Enabling sales to provide quotes for customised solutions quickly and accurately.

Often, CPQ projects fail due to a lack of strategic direction and planning. At the beginning of the project, many companies are not aware of their potential, their initial position or the need to take action to achieve their (usually very vaguely worded) objectives. An effective foundation for decision-making is based on a holistic view of the product portfolio, the processes and the IT infrastructure.

encoway Consulting provides you with support in answering the following questions:

  • Who is already convinced of the need for change? Who else in the company do I need to get on board to ensure a successful rethinking process? Thinking in modular structures is the basis for a successful implementation.
  • Cost-plus, list prices, value-based pricing – what works best in which situation? How can I show each individual customer the exact price that suits their situation? In order for them to have direct access to their individual discounts, something completely different to the anonymous market is required.
  • How can I gradually create added value right from the start during the necessary changes? Can I already generate benefits and enthusiasm among the staff with the first minor implementations? The key here is to start with the “minimum viable product”: do not attempt to implement everything at once – focus on the most important functions.
  • What does a sustainable solution look like and how can I focus on it as early as possible? Our approach is: think big, start small, scale up. Also carry out subsequent reviews: although processes – and thus the respective requirements – tend to change, the software used is often not updated.

Customer Engagement

HOW do I enter into dialogue with the customer (with known customers in direct dialogue)?

Enabling the customer to act independently.

We have often seen the indirect customer contact channel, known as “customer self-service”, implemented without any concrete knowledge of the customers’ needs. Another common mistake is to cram all the sales and customer interactions into one single application. The user needs the simplest possible application that will help them with their specific problem in their current situation.

encoway Consulting provides you with support in answering the following questions:

  • Where is my savings potential? What are my most effective levers? The self-service system must reduce your internal workload for it to be economically viable. But it must also ensure that the customer is happy, or else it will not be used.
  • What are the needs of my target customers? Do I know their problems and the situations in which they occur? Get to know the important details by observing and analysing the entire “customer end-to-end journey”.
  • What does the right application for the respective customer situation look like? With the help of a “user experience design” you are able to generate the basis for applications that perfectly fit the customer’s problem.
  • Does the solution really work? Can I try it out with minimum effort? Whenever there are concerns, it is important to carry out the implementation gradually, together with the later user. In software development, this is known as “fail fast”.

Lean Data Management

The basis for sustainable end-to-end and automated processes!

End-to-end processes and data structures ensure cost-efficient product variety.

Sound product data management is essential for the cost-effective management of a high level of product variety in the business processes. Decision-makers often find it difficult to calculate the benefit (or the return on investment). This is not surprising, because data maintenance is a support process. It is, however, important to regard it more as an enabler: sound data management is particularly valuable because it enables consistent and efficient business processes.

encoway Consulting provides you with support in answering the following questions:

  • How can I use the right data in the right place at the right time? Here, you should compare the processes for data use and data maintenance. In this way you will see where the interaction works, and where, for example, compensatory measures are taken because the necessary data is missing.
    How can I obtain a uniform description of my products from historically grown structures in distributed data silos? Different processes to achieve the same goal are expensive. Uniform processes require uniform data structures.
  • How good is the quality of my master data? The master data quality is the “hidden champion” among process problems! Because inefficient processes are usually just the visible symptoms. This does, however, also mean: the evaluation of the quality depends on the use of the data. You should develop a strategy based on the symptoms in the customer processes. In this way you are able to optimise the master data quality not only in the source system, but sustainably throughout the entire process chain.
  • In which IT systems should I distribute my product data structures? Consistency is the key here, but this does not mean it should involve just one IT system. It means that for each type of data there is just one single source and the corresponding responsibilities (data governance). Perform a value stream analysis of the data supply process. And identify the potential using lean management methods.

Our approach – how to ensure that you are ideally prepared:

Together with you, we create the basis for:

  • End-to-end variant management with reduced process costs
  • Digital business models based on modular product data structures

From practical experience for practical application

We regard ourselves as part of your team, and a trusted partner. We work together with you, both in defining your objectives and in achieving them. Our consultants have many years of experience gained from numerous customer projects and from their own practical experience in mechanical and plant engineering. We are thus able to offer you optimal support.

We attach great importance to individual advice tailored to your requirements, because we do not believe in “one-fits-all” consulting according to a pre-set formula. encoway Consulting therefore offers individual consultancy projects based on tried-and-tested methods. We are very familiar with the processes and challenges of modern variant manufacturers. You will benefit from best practices thanks to our strategic partnerships with leading companies from the capital goods industry, as well as from our expertise as part of the Lenze Group.


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We will support you in all your matters related to Variant management and CPQ.

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