Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Create new standards for sales, manufacturing and customers

With a Configure Price Quote (CPQ) solution you are able to optimise your company’s processes in a sustainable way and create a future-proof central platform for the marketing of multiple-variant products and solutions – across all channels.

What is CPQ?

A CPQ system guides you safely and quickly through all the stages of product configuration, pricing, and quote generation. In this way, you not only increase the productivity of your sales force and provide customers with better service, but also ensure that the intelligent integration of product management, sales and production improves the profitability of the entire company.

A product configurator brings transparency into multi-variant modular product systems and is the tool for the salesperson to translate customer requirements into a concrete solution and to convert these into a quotation. Web configurators can also be tailored to allow the customer to independently assemble their desired product in the webshop. Depending on the complexity of the chosen solution, the system leads the customer to the final quote or forwards their inquiry to an
expert in the company, who then provides further advice and finalises the quotation together with them.

Finally, the configuration leads to a detailed parts list which forms the basis for pricing. Using the integrated discount function, the salesperson can add their own special conditions. If conflicts occur, the system points this out or does not allow them.

The solution components have been assembled and the prices determined. Now the system merges all the information. Prices, product descriptions and any photos are linked and embedded in a clear and uniform layout that matches the corporate design of the company.

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