encoway CPQ Studio

Your central location for data maintenance and structure

encoway CPQ Studio is the cornerstone of encoway data maintenance and the perfect central location for structuring your product modules. In encoway CPQ Studio your products are “modularised“, i.e. “broken up” into pieces and reassembled using a specific set of rules. You thus achieve an optimal product structure that describes the largest possible part of your portfolio with as few individual items as possible.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Create and maintain configuration models and rules quickly and intuitively
  • Import data from third-party systems and utilise them for sales purposes
  • No redundancies thanks to central product and solution knowledge

Generating product logic

encoway CPQ Studio is the standard tool for creating product logic: from simple IF/THEN logic that can be “clicked together” via drag and drop, to complex calculations and the integration of external libraries. With encoway CPQ Studio even non-experts can create product logic easily and intuitively with minimal training. The expert editor also provides extensive calculation possibilities.

Maintaining product data

With encoway CPQ Studio you can not only create rule sets but can also manage all the text and media information from your modular sales system. Not only multilingual texts can be maintained, but also language-specific images and technical data. Intuitive operating elements allow use without any expert knowledge. These include a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor and a product structure tree maintained by drag and drop. Prices are maintained by country or region. The product portfolio can be prepared in such a way that certain sales organisations can only see specific sections of it. The integrated functions for mass data maintenance allow you to quickly add or modify large amounts of data.

Importing data from external systems

Typically, data from, for example, ERP or PIM systems should be reused during the product configuration. With encoway CPQ Studio, data from third-party systems can be imported and enhanced on a customer-specific basis with minimal effort, ensuring that they are available with the appropriate characteristics and depth of detail.