With Guided Selling you always have your best advisor with you

Selling complex products and solutions is a challenging task in which the quality of the salesperson’s advice plays a crucial role. Guided selling as part of the CPQ software helps companies to sell faster and better.

Benefits at a glance:

Customers with this solution:

Sell faster and better

Guided Selling automatically helps your sales team to understand the needs of their existing and prospective customers and to transform them into the perfect solution. It therefore no longer matters how far away (organisationally) an employee is from the factory or how much experience they have with your portfolio and the application areas of the products.

Central product knowledge

The product knowledge is centrally stored in the data maintenance environment CPQ Studio. It ensures that all the sales team always have access to the most up-to-date data. This significantly reduces the training required and new employees, dealers and other sales partners can master the system more quickly. New products and services are also incorporated into your quotations much faster.

During the configuration, the sales team is also informed about suitable additional services and are thus able to offer the customer a comprehensive solution package in order to exploit the full sales potential. The defined rules ensure that no errors slip in during the guided selling. The customer always receives a technically accurate solution that meets their individual requirements.

Find your customized solution faster

Guided selling transforms your customer´s requirements faster and more efficient into customized solutions – this ensures a high customer satisfaction!

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Well advised across all channels

Guided Selling also enhances your company’s omnichannel strategy. It offers existing and prospective customers individual advice in the exact location where they are looking for product information. When incorporated into your website, a trade fair app for the sales team, or other applications, the CPQbecomes a personal sales consultant that delivers the perfect solution for all your customer’s technical and non-technical requirements. This ensures uniform standards for advice across all channels.

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