Ensure the quality of your model with the Variant Tester from encoway

Make sure you regularly test the quality of your model! This is the only way of ensuring that your application works properly with your model (or your models). With the Variant Tester, we provide you with the ideal tool for this. The Tester simplifies test series and makes problems visible at a glance. So you have peace of mind whenever you carry out data updates. 

In software development, quality assurance and good test coverage are taken for granted nowadays. But have you ever considered testing model behaviour systematically? Modellers often only have time for a limited number of tests and only test the new content in an application. Here, unintended consequences and unexpected side effects can easily be overlooked. 

In many configuration projects, model tests are only systematically introduced when an initial version of the application is available. As a result, problems with the models only become apparent a long time after their creation. It thus becomes more difficult and more time-consuming than necessary to find the responsible problem and resolve it. Also, the application tests only cover specific problem areas such as conflicts or missing parameter values. There is usually no monitoring of the configuration result at all.  This leads to errors remaining hidden and undetected for a long period of time.

To solve this problem, encoway has developed the Variant Tester. With the Variant Tester, we can check the model quality in customer projects simply and at an early stage. The Tester simultaneously runs through a whole range of test cases, and is used, for example, when modifications to models are carried out and when new component data are imported. Following the test, it can be seen at a glance whether all the tests could be performed correctly or not. Conflicts and unexpected results are highlighted in colour. 

The test cases for the Variant Tester are defined in an Excel spreadsheet, so no additional software or programming skills are required. Changes to the input parameters and the expected results can be easily installed. encoway customers who already have a running application can save test cases directly via the application and integrate the Variant Tester into the automatic application test.

With the Variant Tester, you can ensure the quality of your model at every stage of the configuration project. This saves time, money and energy – and avoids problems with dissatisfied customers!