High-quality, impressive-looking documents from SAP

Your written offer is an invitation to your customers. And that is precisely how it should look! Now you can easily generate offer documents that make your clients eager to work with your solutions.

When you use SAP SD, you have a perfect basis for intelligent, standardised sales processes. But what about the quality of the offer’s visual appearance? Your users will obviously want to be able to generate the written offer directly from the SAP document. And this should be possible without having to make comprises regarding the visual design. An attractive layout, clear structure, and meaningfully used diagrams and images are all key elements of a professional written offer. And don't forget: prospective customers will draw their own conclusions regarding the quality of the solution offered from the appearance of the documents you send!

The encoway Document Server is a solution for document generation which can be integrated into SAP without modification. At the frontend, no installation is necessary. During implementation, the document layout is created, encoway Document is integrated into SAP, and customer-specific adjustments are carried out. This is also possible for almost any other type of document from SAP.

With encoway Document you can generate a whole range of different formats to perfectly suit your application: Word ML, native Word or PDF. To create the document templates the full design flexibility of Microsoft Word™ can be utilised:

  • Integrate diagrams and images without any time-consuming search in the file system
  • Protect sensitive sections of the offer prior to any changes made by the user, for example, the description of standard sales positions

An add-in is available for the processing of the document templates for Microsoft Word™. With the Template Designer, you can use the well-known formatting features of MS Word™. After selection, the data from the SAP documents is available in the form of a tree structure. An XML interface allows you to integrate product-specific images or advertising texts from other sources. Certain areas of the documents can be protected from changes using a special language tool. Even with Microsoft Word™ documents, it is, for example, possible to prevent sales staff making any inadvertent changes in the description of standard sales items.

The generation of the documents can be integrated into the SAP message control application. No installation is necessary at the user’s workplace. The document is automatically attached to the SAP document. The generated document can then be edited by the user in the non-protected sections. This allows users to provide the document with a customised touch, without the risk of standard texts being accidentally overwritten. 

Documents created with the help of encoway Document, can be integrated into other processes, for example the automatic

  • sending of offer documents
  • archiving of FI documents
  • launching of workflows and approval processes

Find out more by reading the reference example about Gebhardt Fördertechnik: The fast way to generate great-looking quotations from SAP.

For the implementation of SAP document generation, the encoway partner arvato Systems provides valuable help. arvato Systems is there for everything from advice on how to use encoway Document to implementation and support.

About arvato Systems:

SAP has a long tradition at arvato Systems. Since the early 90s, arvato Systems has played a leading role in the migration of the SAP R/2 systems to SAP R/3 and the new installation of SAP R/3 at Bertelsmann AG.

The arvato Systems group now employs more than 250 SAP consultants specialising in technology and applications for various industries. For several years now, a cooperation has existed with encoway in Bremen, in which the automatic generation of documents from SAP plays a key role. 

If you have any questions or would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact arvato Systems or encoway directly:

Mr. Simon Hagenbäumer
arvato Systems GmbH
Tel.: (+49) 5241 80 - 71073
Email: simon.hagenbaeumer@bertelsmann.de

Ms. Ina Breitenfeldt
encoway GmbH 
Tel.: (+49) 421 33003 - 600
Email: vertrieb@encoway.de