Safeguarding and consolidating configuration knowledge

Knowledge about products and solutions is one of the most important commodities for a company. However, this valuable expertise is all too often neglected. t is spread among numerous departments and people throughout the company, it is managed remotely, and it is often lost when an employee leaves the company.

Structured knowledge

The modelling environment of encoway CPQ makes it possible to structure product knowledge in a modular, object-oriented and media-neutral way. Modularisation allows you to map constructive, production- and market-relevant knowledge and to reuse it. This not only saves time and money, but also increases the quality and consistency of the knowledge models created.

From the requirement to the solution

By modulating your solution and system knowledge, you ensure that the configurator generates the perfect solution for the customer’s needs from your portfolio. Via the answering of questions and entering individual requirements, the CPQ system delivers the right answer in the form of products, systems and solutions – whether you use it purely as a tool for your sales team, or integrate it into the online shop on your website.