We speak the language of your market

If your company is globally active, you are faced with the challenge of offering your products and solutions in the respective national language. Here, it is important that your system can handle a variety of different languages and characters. The CPQ solution from encoway is therefore consistently and systematically geared to multilingualism.

“Unicode” – we understand each other

The encoway products and interfaces are fully unicode-capable. The number of mappable languages in the system is not restricted and you can also use Asian or Cyrillic characters. There is therefore no limit to the worldwide sales of your products and solutions.

One basic principle of encoway products is the strict separation of content language and logic. The dependencies in the configurator and the templates in the document generation are only set up once and can then be used in all the languages maintained. You are able, for example, to use encoway’s quotation configurator to create your quotation in English and then print it out in Russian.

Does your ERP only know two languages?

Normally, only product-relevant data is consolidated in the master database of the ERP system. Although two languages are often enough here, product information for your sales communication has to be available in significantly more languages. By connecting your ERP to the CPQ solution from encoway, successful and consistent product communication in multiple languages is possible.