Expert Day Configuration & Modelling

At the end of November 2016, the first “Configuration & Modelling Expert Day” took place at encoway in Bremen with 14 participants from various companies.

February 06, 2017

The Expert Day is aimed specifically at experienced modellers of configuration knowledge. The two-day programme included specialist lectures and gave users the opportunity to network and discuss their experience with other users. They were also able to speak directly with product managers from encoway, which is always a good way to incorporate everyday experience in product modelling into the planning of the further development of CPQ Studio.

On the first day, Stefan Keinitz, head of product modelling at encoway, shared his expert knowledge on various topics related to configuration. The three lectures covered the topics:

  • The use of current principles of object-oriented development such as SOLID, DRY and KISS in the creation of class-based product models
  • The challenges posed by the ever-increasing demands on the user experience of configuration applications and how they relate to product modelling
  • The effects of different modelling patterns on the runtime behaviour of a configurator

On the following day, the activities for the participants included presenting to each other their configuration solutions on the basis of the encoway products, for example in the area of 3D configuration.

The feedback from the participants on this first Expert Day was extremely positive. They were impressed by the mixture of highly informative specialist lectures and informal discussion among the companies. In the end, everyone agreed that it would be a mistake not to continue this information exchange. A follow-up event is planned for summer 2017.