Opening of DOCK ONE – at encoway digital ideas learn to walk

Lenze Group opens innovation lab in Bremen

May 11, 2018

On Tuesday, 8th May 2018, the digital innovation lab DOCK ONE was officially opened on our premises. DOCK ONE is the joint think tank of Lenze, encoway and logicline. In future, this is where digitisation ideas for Industry 4.0 projects as well as digital business models and products will be successfully implemented. With DOCK ONE, the Lenze Group is continuing its growth course, building on the advantages of the Bremen location.

The guests at the opening included Martin Günthner, Senator of Economic Affairs, Labour and Ports, the Chancellor of the University of Bremen, Dr. Martin Mehrtens and Frank Maier, Member of the Board of Lenze SE. In his speech, Bremen's Senator of Economic Affairs stressed the positive impact of the commitment to the IT industry in Bremen. “Bremen needs strong corporate partners who are successfully positioning themselves on the market in the global growth sector Industry 4.0. With DOCK ONE, Lenze is building on the strengths of our location and helping to further strengthen Bremen as an up-and-coming IT location.” Frank Maier is of the same opinion and cites the excellent university infrastructure as the reason the Group chose Bremen. “As a company, it is obvious that we need well-trained specialists and graduates. In particular, students from the faculties of computer science and production engineering will be able to find attractive jobs thanks to the close links between business and research” he explained.

DOCK ONE acts as a development space within the Lenze Group and stands for innovation projects with customers, partners and research institutes. A creative ambience has been conjured up in order to encourage new ideas and solutions. In the light-filled lounge, teams can work freely and flexibly away from their usual workplaces, following the example of startups. “Considering the rapid progress of digitisation in the industry, we need unconventional thinking spaces in which prototypes can be created at high speed and new ideas and trends can be tried out” said Maier.

At the opening, the guests were themselves able to gain an insight into DOCK ONE’s first successful projects. Entirely new perspectives open up for example with the help of virtual reality glasses when it comes to the configuration and development of products. Another exhibit shows the modern cooperation between man and machine. The voice request “Hello Alexa, how is the engine?” generates meaningful answers which could result in a service call. Also a selection of results from the first Bremen Industry 4.0 Hackathon were presented. In February 2018 encoway provided around 80 students, software developers, designers and creatives from science and industry with a platform to solve industrial problems within 48 hours.

Further Lenze Group hacathons will take place from 12 to 14 October 2018 in Bremen and from 26 to 28 October in Stuttgart.

On 09.05.2018, the Weser Kurier reported on the opening of DOCK ONE: Hardcore meets Hackathon.