Plenty of enthusiasm and a surprising winning team at the second Industry 4.0 Hackathon!

In mid-October, 100 IT enthusiasts once again spent 48 hours working on digital prototypes for the industrial environment.

October 29, 2018

At the end of the event, a panel of experts judged and awarded the results – and one team provided a special highlight.

Within this short period of time, creative and in most cases digital solutions were found for the set industry-related topics. The teams either selected their own challenge or a challenge specified by one of the sponsors, who also awarded their own prizes. To succeed in the hackathon, collaboration is key. “The format shows the excellent performance that agile teams can achieve within a very short time” said Klaas Nebuhr, co-founder and partner at encoway GmbH.

Several teams dealt with a task from the modern world of logistics. Using the example of a forklift, they programmed solutions that digitally recorded and transmitted not only its location and movement, but also its capacity utilisation – with an interaction of motion sensors and the appropriate software.

A team playing table football showed that it is possible to produce great results in a fun way. “This project stands for seemingly mundane problems with high-potential results” said Nebuhr. “Machine Learning” is the magic word here: based on the acoustics, the application identifies which team has scored a goal and shows the current score in a corresponding app. The system continues to learn and gradually adapts to the individual noise levels. In practice, a system of this sort could increase operational safety in factories. Machinery anomalies can be identified on the basis of noises allowing appropriate action to be taken.

The other topics ranged from “intelligent shift planning” to “Making Industry 4.0 experienceable and tangible” and “Tetris Aircraft Assembly Smart Inventory Partnership for production”. A total of 10 prizes were on offer and these were awarded by the expert jury. One team produced particularly surprising results: although originally not participating competitively, the school team won the main prize in the category “Best Pitch”. The project “The Plant” carried out by the senior pupils from the Gesamtschule Bremen-Ost and the Schulzentrum Grenzstraße impressed everyone present. The starting point was a cactus. Here, the pupils dealt with solutions for supplying a plant with light and water.

The Industry 4.0 Hackathon series is hosted by encoway together with Lenze SE and logicline GmbH. The event was once again held in the congenial surroundings of the venue “kraftwerk – city accelerator bremen”. 

We would like to thank all participants, organisers, sponsors and network partners and are already looking forward to the next Industry 4.0 Hackathon Bremen!

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