CRM integration

CPQ CRM Integration

CRM Integration for better sales!

So how do CRM and the configurator fit together? There are established CRM systems on the market that replicate sales processes including  release workflows and sales funnel management. These CRM systems, however, are usually not suitable for sales support of complex products in the capital goods industry – particularly when you want to offer configurable machinery and plants rather than discreet items.   

People are often faced with a dilemma when they have to choose between a good CRM and a good configurator. With encoway you get the best of both!

encoway CPQ Sales is a software that provides an interface for seamless integration into CRM processes. This means you can leave the “best” bits of the CRM such as master data management, workflows and sales funnel management where they are, and use CPQ Sales for the other process steps such as configuration and pricing. Both processes are so closely interlinked that the user rarely notices the two systems.

The systems exchange data on current work progress via a standard interface. The CRM can, for example, release an approval workflow when the user gives too high a discount. Conversely, encoway CPQ Sales takes individual country requirements into account during the configuration, using customer data submitted to the CRM.

CPQ integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM

encoway provides a fully integrated standard interface for the Microsoft CRM system. Here, the complete installation is supplied as a “solution”. In addition, encoway CPQ Sales can be visually seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The quickest way to get two systems working in harmony!

CPQ integrated in Salesforce

For Salesforce we also offer the CRM integration of our powerful configurator: encoway Advanced Configurator for Salesforce CPQ – the turbo for your Salesforce CPQ

As a CRM customer, you can also benefit from our SAP expertise: Use our SAP LO-VC add-ons, export configurable SAP materials to the encoway platform and configure this in compliance with SAP. Only in this way can you ensure automated document creation in your SAP ERP.

Two products for all applications

encoway CPQ Sales

A license to sell. Your sales staff are able to configure perfect construction variants on the spot and immediately make an attractive and clearly structured offer. And special rates for key customers can be included right from the start.


encoway CPQ Showroom

The configurator for end customers. Showroom is the configurator for prospective buyers and valuable leads – on your website, in stores or at trade fairs. The ideal way to make your products tangible in all their variants, independent of the sales professional.