Cloud or On-Premises

The perfect operating models for your requirements

Simply determine for yourself which operating model best suits the individual wishes and requirements of your company.

Simple and flexible in the cloud

With a CPQ cloud solution you benefit from low acquisition costs and save your own resources and money. You will avoid having to use your own IT infrastructure for CPQ and will not have to worry about time- and cost-intensive tasks such as operation, maintenance, service and repairs. The experienced encoway software experts will carry out these tasks for you, ensuring a high level of availability as well as the smooth and secure operation of the solution.

At the same time you will remain flexible because the solution is scalable and the service package can be quickly and easily adapted to your needs. Regular upgrades and security patches also ensure that you are always up to date and able to take advantage of new and enhanced features.

The cloud operation includes, among other things, the following services:

  • Provision of the server infrastructure
  • Support for the IT infrastructure and system environment
  • Installation and updates of the software operated
  • Continuous (24/7) checking of the software availability
  • Dealing with reported errors
  • Backup
  • Provision of processing quotas
  • Support & services

Alternatively, you can run the software flexibly, scalably, and cost-effectively via your own cloud provider.

Everything under control with On-Premises

Would you prefer to operate the CPQ software yourself? Then CPQ On-Premises is the perfect solution for you. encoway will provide you with the ready-to-install software and support you whenever needed during the implementation in your IT infrastructure. You will then have full control over the application and will not be dependent on any external server connection or internet bandwidth.

Sensitive product and price data will remain in your company within your own firewall. You can use your own IT experts to operate the software and decide for yourself when you want to install which product update or whether you want to leave the maintenance of your software to encoway.

Whether you want to use CPQ On-Premises or in the cloud, encoway will provide you with the perfect solution for all your needs.

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