Electronic Catalogue

Making things easy to find: the perfect solution for your customers

Even if you have the very best product, you will only be able to sell it if your salespeople and customers can find it. The more extensive your portfolio is, the more difficult it will be for you to filter out the right solution from the multitude of product variants.

Using the electronic catalogue, you are always able to provide up-to-date product information. Via intelligent search and filtering mechanisms, for example hierarchies, combinable filters and the full-text search, your users will find the perfect solution for their respective requirements with ease. Even new employees and customers without any product knowledge will quickly find their way around your extensive solution portfolio – regardless of whether they are looking for configurable or non-configurable products and services.

Simple presentation of complex products

It is often difficult, especially with complex products, to make a purchase decision based solely on technical data and product information. But if you add images, 3D visualisations or videos, the technical aspects become easier to understand, and it becomes easier for the customer to make a purchase decision. To do this, the encoway electronic catalogue provides integrated Media Asset Management. Using standardised interfaces, you can thus integrate data from ERP, PIM and image databases. It goes without saying that the electronic catalogue is unicode-capable throughout. And everything can be enhanced with components for 2D and 3D visualisation.

Systematic portfolio management

Not every product and every option is relevant for all markets. The electronic catalogue also helps you to manage your portfolio. Only products and options that are allowed in the respective context are shown – always in the appropriate language. The integrated favourites feature allows you to save configurations – even across multiple quotes – for later re-use.

Product information in the corporate design of your company

The encoway electronic catalogue separates the visual appearance of the material master and the business logic. This allows you to customise the user interface in any way you require to suit your needs and your corporate design.