Individual Design

Selling in your own corporate design

Do you stand for innovative and high quality products? Then this is probably also reflected in your product brochures and on your website. But is this also conveyed by your quotation documents, your order confirmations and your product configurator?

Uniform brand appearance

In order to strengthen your brand and ensure a consistent appearance across all communication channels, it is important that everything can be tailored to your requirements and the corporate design of your company. This applies to your configurator and also to all the documents you give your customers during the sales process.

Maximum freedom of design

The encoway software solutions strictly separate form and content. So you do not have to test all the configuration models just because, for example, a stylesheet has been changed on your website. While creating configurators based on encoway CPQ Showroom, you can access a modern REST API. This gives your company a free choice of technology and maximum design freedom for modern user interfaces. You do not run the risk of influencing the logic or data of the configuration models. Adjustments to the user interface and updates of the configuration models remain strictly separated from each other and are possible at any time. 

Tailored to the user

You can adapt the user interface of the configurator to the needs of different user groups. For example, you are able to offer customers and dealers an application that provides more graphical and content support. The experts from your sales team, on the other hand, work with a far more compact application that offers them more efficient handling.

The principle of strict separation of form and content is used by encoway not only in the configurators, but also for encoway’s template-based document generation.