Secure processes for increased profitability

The larger your organisation becomes and the more complex your portfolio is, the more difficult it is to create quotations quickly and without errors. Technical testing of custom designs and the approval of discounts beyond the salesperson’s discretion often requires time-consuming coordination. With encoway CPQ Sales you are able to automate the coordination and approval processes. This saves time, makes sure that only accurate quotes reach your customers, and ensures the profitability of your company. 

You have two ways to map approval processes efficiently and reliably:

Configuration in a CRM system

When integrating encoway CPQ Sales into a CRM system, workflows are mapped using the standard tools of the CRM system. This has the advantage that you can maintain workflows centrally in one place and do not have to work in two separate systems.

Configuration without a CRM system

The sales configurator itself includes a workflow engine that allows you to map coordination and approval workflows.