Successfully offer complex products and solutions with a quote configurator

The sale of complex products and solutions poses major challenges for manufacturers of capital goods. Products are becoming more and more varied and are often offered as a system solution. At the same time, customers place great emphasis on transparency and excellent customer service. Prospective customers are often hesitant because the purchase of highly priced capital goods is associated with a high level of risk. This results in lengthy sales processes and high sales costs in order to put together the perfect customer solution from the modular product system and to gain the trust of the customer.

Benefits at a glance:

Customers with this solution:

Creating quotations quickly and efficiently

The CPQ solution with Guided Selling helps to transform non-technical customer requirements quickly and accurately into technical solutions – irrespective of the experience and product knowledge of the salesperson. Your sales team can thus quickly configure even the most complex solutions, calculate prices without errors, and immediately create attractive quotations. This ensures confidence in the competence of your company and at the same time increases the success rate of the sales department.

Customer confidence through visual product experiences

The more complex and technical a product is, the more important it is for customers to see and understand their individual solution before awarding a contract. For this reason, encoway CPQ offers the possibility of 2D or 3D product visualisation. This makes the selling process easier for your sales team, because the technical aspects are presented in a way that is easy to understand. In addition, it supports and accelerates the purchasing decision of the prospective customer.

Configure systems with ease

Many manufacturers of capital goods market systems that consist of individual configurable products or components. With the encoway product configurator, you can easily record the specifications for the overall system. The CPQ system automatically transmits these to the individual configurable products and components. You can thus rest assured that all the components fit together and form a practical system solution.

Prepare reliable quotations for custom-made products

encoway CPQ Sales also offers reliable support for customer solutions that require custom-made products. Thanks to automated workflows, the necessary process steps for technical testing or costing are directly integrated into the quotation process. Internal queries are automated by workflowsand your sales team can also offer special solutions reliably and quickly – without any risk.

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