Quotation Management

Manage quotes with and without a CRM system

Only very few customers will accept your first quotation. Especially for complex products and solutions, the initial quote is followed by fine-tuning of the solution and the price negotiation phase – providing the first cost indication. Until the sale is completed, a number of different versions of the quotation document will be created.

A little more discount, an alternative item, or perhaps with everything as described in the penultimate quote, but with the revised payment terms? Without a management system, chaos can quickly result. At the latest when a sales colleague goes on holiday and another colleague takes over their duties. Quotation management in encoway CPQ helps you to retain an overview and to document changes in a revision-proof form – without losing the flexibility of customer contact.

It is important to distinguish between two different cases:

Quotation preparation in conjunction with a CRM-system

If your sales department maps its quotation process in a CRM system, then CRM integration of encoway CPQ Sales is the best choice. n this case, you use the CRM system to manage sales opportunities, all customer data, and previously created quotations.

The CPQ system enhances the CRM features with everything you need for product configuration and quote compilation. You thus combine the best of both systems and take advantage of all the opportunities to manage the sales process that your CRM system offers.

Quotation preparation without a CRM-system

The encoway CPQ Sales quotation management system provides you with many more functions than simply saving your quotation documents. Thanks to the central location, quotes can also be shared with direct colleagues or other sales teams. Depending on the application, it is even possible for multiple users to process different parts of a quotation simultaneously.

In addition, encoway CPQ Sales allows versioning of your offer documents. You are able to create multiple versions under one quotation number and return to any version at any time in order to create a new quote on that basis.