Gebhardt: The fast way to generate great-looking quotations from SAP

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Gebhardt Fördertechnik has introduced the document generation system from encoway. The company had been looking for a solution with which they could quickly and automatically generate attractive target group-oriented documents using the quotation and sales order processing system in SAP. The encoway document generation system converts this into MS WORD format at the touch of a button. The documents include the required data from SAP in the form of templates, which Gebhardt Fördertechnik created themselves.

The Word plugin for template creation offers extensive features that provide full flexibility in formatting the text. It is possible to create user-oriented documents and structure customer-relevant content without any programming knowledge or comprehensive SAP skills. When a quotation is saved in SAP, the Word document is automatically generated in the background and can be used as an attachment. Gebhardt significantly improved their sales efficiency with the introduction of document generation. Ernst Wegener, head of SAP support at the Gebhardt Group, explains: „We are thrilled with this solution. The implementation ran smoothly, and now we can quickly generate great-looking documents from SAP, and can also add to documents if required or even utilize the software in other areas.“

The encoway document generation system can be quickly integrated into a normal working environment; the software runs on the server and does not require any added client software. The SAP quotation and customer order data can be integrated as often as required and in any part of the document including the header or footer. Language elements such as loops and conditions provide the user with unlimited possibilities for the document layout.

GEBHARDT Fördertechnik GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of material flow and internal logistics systems. And this has been true for over 60 years. The company develops complete tailor-made solutions in the fields of transport, material flow, sorting technology, assembly, storage technology including control and automation, warehouse management systems and IT integration, all from a single source. Typical for all Gebhardt products is the simplest possible design with high efficiency and long-term reliability. The product portfolio includes tote and carton transport technology, pallet transport technology, roll cage transport, assembly technology, warehouse technology, sorting technology, goods lifts, telescopic belt conveyers, robotics and automated truck loading.

„We are delighted with this solution, and the implementation has run really smoothly. Now we can quickly generate great-looking documents from SAP...“