Hundegger: Future-proof quotation process for all markets

“You don’t have to do that by hand!” – What applies for carpenters in the age of computer controlled manufacturing, the machine builder Hundegger has now put into practice in their quotation process. encoway CPQ Sales helps sales and marketing to prepare standardised and attractive quotations.

Customer information at a glance:

  • Quick implementation thanks to the software
  • No redundant data thanks to the interface ERP
  • Increased quality of information through the connection to PIM
  • Increased competitiveness in international markets
  • More process security through automated order generation
  • Securing practical knowledge

Hundegger manufactures systems for cutting timber; these machines – also known as “automated timber framing machines” – are order specific and individually tailored to the customer’s specification. The product range includes a series of machines and machining centres, each designed using a modular system. Customers can choose from various options.

For example, the K2i model has 200 different combinations of features with processing aggregates for drilling, milling, cutting, marking and labelling, as well as an optional automatic tool changer. 

Customer information

The Hans Hundegger Maschinenbau GmbH in Hawangen, Germany is the world market leader in automated timber framing machines with over 90% of the market share and 4,500 machines currently in operation. The company started in 1978 and today has around 300 employees in Germany and 400 employees in total. Its worldwide net of sales, marketing and service stretches out all the way to Australia and Canada.

Standard software with ERP and PIM interfaces.

With encoway CPQ Sales (formerly known as QuoteAssistant), encoway offers standard software with a wide range of quotation functions and configuration possibilities which are flexible and adaptable to the manufacturer’s specific product range. Hundegger employees take charge of the integration and adaptability themselves.

„Professional and appealing quotations are the real business card for a company...“

Preparing quotations like clockwork

Both internal and external employees can use the software to prepare an accurate quotation within a short period of time. The quotation can be exported both in WORD or PDF. Potential customers receive a clearly presented, illustrated quotation in corporate design in German or English. At the time of order, direct access to the system allows quotations to be called up for further processing. Rationalizing the quotation process allows Hundegger to respond to growing interest quickly with complete and formal access to the quotation. Furthermore, it provides employees with the time to concentrate on more significant issues: advising the customer and deciding which machine and equipment best meet the customer’s needs.

Help with Sales

A good quotation can fulfil more than one purpose, as Patrick Widmann, Project Manager at Hundegger explains: “Contact with our customer is our first port of call. We provide lists of all the articles and components, along with their applications and prices. Sales often come up against a pre-selection needing approval, in many cases, from management and / or an investment that needs to be justified to its backers. That’s why we have to ensure the quotation documents are always simple to access and transparent.“ Pictures of the machines, components or concrete application examples are used to illustrate the article list. In addition to this, there are text blocks on file in the PIM system, which contain a short function description along with performance data. “With a complicated quotation you may have to present something similar to a credit advisor at a principle bank, illustrating how an investment can pay off.”

In the future, another benefit will be available with the launch of CPQ Sales. After testing the system in the German-speaking regions, Hundegger introduced it to its international branches. “The brand name Hundegger is well-known to everyone in the industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland,“ reported Widmann. “We have growth potential particularly in non-German-speaking countries. Anyone who is open for our type of technology is sure to be impressed, but sustainable growth in new markets will take more effort. Professional and attractive quotations serve as a business card for a company and we expect to score points in the award process with this advantage.”

„The software assures a promising future for the quotation process.“

Manually prepared quotations

There are 10 Sales Representatives in the central office at Hundegger in Hawangen, Germany. In the past, they prepared quotations in Excel and Word, and prices were taken individually from the ERP price list. Text data was supplemented with wording about components. The result was excessive effort and a document with limited scope that contained price information, but was not suitable for further processing. Therefore, it was a constructive measure to find out about suitable software. encoway was chosen in a very close race with other suppliers because their concept fitted exceptionally well with our requirement profile and at the same time, met our budget for the project.

Data doesn’t have to be doubly and triply updated anymore. The quotation process always accesses the current approved and tested product data, prices and discounts from the ERP. The regulatory infrastructure for an accurate product configuration as well as the last touches for an informative quotation document with useful illustrations come from the PIM infuniq.

“The software assures a promising future for the quotation process,” explains Widmann. “The practical knowledge that our sales representatives need for preparing accurate quotations has not been centrally documented anywhere before. The software program ensures that only feasible combinations are considered. New sales representatives can prepare reliable, accurate quotations that are not dependent on a particular employee but are standardised and comprehensible.”

encoway CPQ Sales is compatible in both directions in the ERP system so that the contract data is directly imported. All the necessary information is automatically forwarded to both production and accounting.