Metrohm: Customized solutions for ion chromatography in an instant

Metrohm now features on its website a new online configurator, which was developed together with encoway. The Metrohm group develops and sells precision measuring instruments for chemical analysis. The Switzerland-based company has 1,900 employees worldwide and annual sales of around 350 million Swiss francs.

Metrohm develops and distributes precision measuring instruments for chemical analysis

With the guided selling solution, Metrohm customers can now find a customized solution for individual requirements in ion chromatography (IC) much more easily. Every conceivable IC system can be configured in detail with just a few mouse clicks using the software tool.

Based on the requirements of the analysis, the user selects the appropriate modules from Metrohm’s comprehensive range of ion chromatography, and specifies step by step a system that perfectly meets their needs. The software supports and advises the user by monitoring the configuration and its feasibility, warning them about any difficulties that arise. The configuration tool ensures that the specified solution is both technically feasible, and the most efficient choice.

With the online configurator, Metrohm customers can find a customized solution much more easily

As soon as the solution has been specified, the user can print out photo-realistic graphics of the system in the form of a PDF document. They are also provided with a detailed list of the modules and components contained in the system including the part numbers.

The web configurator was realised by encoway in cooperation with Lumo Graphics. Lumo Graphics provided the highly realistic, plugin-free 3D visualization. Markus Steinke, Chief Marketing Officer at Metrohm AG, is impressed by the web configurator: “The product configurator allows us to significantly simplify the complex purchase decision on the part of our customers”.