encoway CPQ Sales

The configurator for your sales

encoway CPQ Sales is the standard software for product configuration and quote generation for your office and field-based sales staff. Web-based or, if required, offline, as a simple quote generation tool or integrated into the CRM processes, the software supports the entire sales process for complex products and solutions.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Quickly transform customer requirements into the perfect solution
  • Create attractive, error-free quotations
  • Combine sales and production processes

Quotations at the touch of a button

Your sales staff have constant access to the entire portfolio and the latest product variants. They are able to configure error-free variants directly on the customer’s premises and can immediately submit an attractive, well-structured quotation thanks to the automated processes. Even customer-specific special conditions and country-specific specifications are automatically taken into account.

Sales and production in perfect harmony

encoway CPQ Sales can be operated both as a stand-alone application and integrated into ERP systems, such as SAP or CRM systems, for example Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce. By integrating the ERP systems, the quotation can be automatically converted into an order. This saves valuable time and avoids errors in production as well as costly amendments.

Selected CPQ Sales project stories from our customers

What encoway CPQ Sales can do

Guided selling
The consultant is always there

Roles and Rights
Actively control accesses and releases, even within global sales structures

CRM Integration
Integrate CPQ into your CRM system

Document Generation
Great-looking documents at your fingertips

ERP Integration
A successful digital sales process needs strong ERP integration

Safeguard and consolidate configuration knowledge

We speak the language of your market

Calculate in a controlled way and safeguard your margins

Electronic Catalogue
Making things easy to find

Preparing Proposals
as a Team

Several people working simultaneously and reliably

Quotation Management
Manage quotes with and without a CRM system

Cloud or On-Premises
The perfect operating models for your requirements

Offline Use
Use CPQ sales even without a network connection

Faster, more stable processing

Business Intelligence
& Analytics

Make the most of your CPQ data.