Use SAP LO-VC Models across all channels

Use the data from the SAP variant configuration in encoway CPQ – across all channels! You can easily make product data and logic from SAP available via target-group-specific user interfaces in your configuration application – for example, as mobile applications for sales, in a dealer portal, or as a web configurator for your end users.

Benefits at a glance:

Customers with this solution:

Easy integration of SAP LO-VC models

By integrating the SAP LO-VC product data and rules into encoway CPQ, you benefit from a consistent database and less maintenance effort. The encoway ERP integration automatically extracts KMATs so that you can use them independent of the SAP ERP – even offline if required. You are also able to enhance the data with images and corresponding texts.

End-to-end processes from the customer request to the order

Automatic data synchronisation between SAP ERP and encoway CPQ ensures that you always work with the latest product and price data. You are thus able to avoid mistakes in quote generation and ensure fast and accurate processing of your orders. Not only sales and production, but your customers as well benefit from fast and accurate quotations.

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