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Managing director: K. Christoph Ranze

VAT ID.: DE 814266676
Commercial register: HRB 22594 Bremen

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Magazine/Three reasons why a good User Experience pays off: as_seen, “H wie Happy”

Magazine/The platform strategy: A configurator for all user groups: MMchen, “trink’ doch einen mit”

Magazine/Digital distribution of modular products – why encoway CPQ is the right solution: gregepperson, “Conquering the summit.”

Magazine/encoway Advanced Configurator for Salesforce CPQ – the turbo for your Salesforce CPQ: Seleneos, “*400* take-off”. 

Magazine/Intelligent knowledge sharing of the future: David-W-, “Gedanken sortieren”

Magazine/Creating business systematically: misterQM, “In Reih’ und Glied”

Magazine/Why configuration projects fail – and how to systematically do it better:   kallejipp, “no need to panic”.

Magazine/White paper “The perfect service concept for software operations”: photowerk59, “Lighthouse #1”

Downloads and   Magazine/White Paper The “Variant Strategy Map” – increase the benefits of variant management: kallejipp, “bauernopfer”

Magazine/How component manufacturers define customer added value via functions and systems:   streifenkaro, “Müsli zum Selbermischen” (Muesli to mix yourself)

News/e-Day 2018: Future CPQ – an Expert Day with encoway: rclassen, “Internationale Spielemesse” 

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Magazin/Why you should give your sales staff the software…: Photo by krakenimages on Unsplash