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encoway CPQ Showroom: The configurator for customers, prospects and leads

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The configurator for customers, prospects and for lead generation

With encoway CPQ Showroom, your prospects will quickly find the right solution from a varied product and service portfolio. Integrate the product configurator on your website or that of your dealers. In this way, you can make your products come alive in all variants and independently of the sales professional – on all channels.

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Generate valuable leads

With the product configurator on your website, prospective customers can get an idea of your individual products and solutions themselves. Even complex solutions can be easily configured by your customers and prospects themselves – without in-depth product knowledge. Guided Selling guides users from their personal challenge to the appropriate solution. In this way, even complex machines and products can be configured correctly without prior knowledge.

The extensive search, filter and navigation functions in the electronic catalogue give interested parties the opportunity to get an idea of their individual products and solutions themselves. This makes the product configurator not only the first point of contact with your portfolio. It is also a real support for your sales department. Because by integrating it into your website, dealer portals or using it at trade fairs, you generate valuable leads.

The 3D visualisations of your products are a real eye-catcher on your website. Even products that have never been built before are presented to your customers through 3D visualisation.

More and more customers attach importance to sustainability aspects. These can be easily presented in the CPQ Showroom. Green Configuration offers your customers the possibility to configure the most sustainable product for themselves through guided selling.

Consistent on all channels

With encoway CPQ Showroom you offer your prospects an individual product experience on all channels. The software is an important tool for your omnichannel sales. With it, you make your portfolio available to target groups worldwide via every digital channel. The central maintenance of all product data and rules ensures that changes are available quickly and consistently on all channels.

For example, your sales department can easily continue to configure or adapt what your prospective customer has started.

Configuration in your own corporate design

encoway CPQ Showroom integrates the powerful configuration core of encoway CPQ into your applications. All central functions are already included in encoway CPQ Showroom. Only the interface – the ‘look and feel’ – is customised. After all, the configurator on your website or in your dealer portal should have the same uniform appearance as the rest of your communication. The open interfaces of encoway CPQ Showroom also make it possible to automate the transition from quotation creation to order processing in a process-safe manner.

Data modelling made simple

The basis for encoway CPQ Showroom is encoway’s data maintenance environment. This environment supports you in setting up the product logic. At the same time it facilitates the efficient maintenance of your product data including import from other systems.

Features of encoway CPQ Showroom

Find out which features encoway CPQ Showroom offers you.

encoway’s CPQ solutions provide support for successful variant sales across all channels. With the intelligent configuration platform, you can maintain the portfolio at a central point in the company and use it as needed for your omnichannel sales.

Consistent product data
With encoway CPQ, you ensure the target-group-oriented provision of your product knowledge – across all sales and marketing channels. You also avoid error-prone and time-consuming data maintenance in redundant systems. encoway CPQ’s architecture ensures that you communicate consistently across all channels. Portfolio changes are immediately available in all applications.

Target-group-oriented presentation
The CPQ software from encoway makes it possible:

  • Offer customers an attractive product experience via an online configurator.
  • Provide traders with helpful additional information via a portal
  • Provide your own sales staff with an efficient sales tool.

Integrate the configurator into your own applications

You can access encoway CPQ Showroom directly in your applications – regardless of whether it concerns a webshop for your customers or the back-end system of your sales department. You are able to extend the existing systems with ease using a powerful configurator, you can use individual user interfaces, and you are able to map your processes without any system discontinuities and access the central product and configuration knowledge. You decide whether you want to integrate the CPQ solution yourself or rely on encoway’s support.

Individual product communication
With the powerful API (API: application programming interface) of encoway CPQ Showroom you can implement your ideas individually – regarding design as well as user guidance. It does not matter whether you operate the configurator as an independent application or integrate the user interface directly into your shop- or content management systems. You can rest assured that you will offer your customers a bespoke user experience in the corporate design of your company.

Technology that builds bridges
encoway CPQ Showroom is not only useful for the external presentation of your products and solutions. The API also offers you the option of using the configuration functions in your back-end systems. It ensures that you access the same data in design and manufacturing as in the sales configuration. You avoid duplicate data maintenance, errors and inconsistencies. The configurator API gives you access to the core features of the encoway configurator and uses standard platform-neutral technologies (JSON + HTTP) for back-end communication. You can, of course, also use the REST service directly in the browser and implement your interfaces with client-side JavaScript.

Uniform brand appearance
In order to strengthen your brand and ensure a consistent appearance across all communication channels, it is important that everything can be tailored to your requirements and the corporate design of your company. This applies to your configurator and also to all documents that you give to your customers during the sales process – this is exactly what encoway CPQ offers.

Maximum freedom of design
The encoway software solutions strictly separate form and content. So you do not have to test all the configuration models just because, for example, a stylesheet has been changed on your website. When creating configurators based on encoway CPQ Showroom, you make use of a modern REST API. This gives your company a free choice of technology and maximum design freedom for modern user interfaces. You do not run the risk of influencing the logic or data of the configuration models. Adjustments to the user interface and updates of the configuration models remain strictly separated from each other and are possible at any time.

Tailored to the user
You can adapt the user interface of the configurator to the needs of different user groups. For example, you are able to offer customers and dealers an application that provides more graphical and content support. The experts from your sales team, on the other hand, work with a far more compact application that offers them more efficient handling.

The principle of strict separation of form and content is not only used in encoway’s configurators, but can also be found in encoway’s template-based document generation.

Guided Selling asks for the needs of the interested parties. These are then translated into (technical) product features. This is how you reduce hurdles in the sales process and make it easier for your customers to make a purchase decision. Learn more about Guided Selling in our blog post.

Your customers want to see what they get. With an integrated 2D or 3D visualisation, your products can be experienced. You can also place the product directly in a room using augmented reality. This way, your customers can see directly how, for example, the new machine can be placed next to existing ones. You are welcome to get an idea of this in our test environment for augmented reality.

With the help of ERP integration, all relevant information is transferred to the ERP. In this way, order processing and sales work hand in hand.

The ERP has two interfaces to the CPQ solution. On the one hand, it forms the foundation of the configuration solution with the master data. After all, you only want to sell what you can produce economically. On the other hand, all orders won must be created in the ERP for transfer to production.


  • Shorter time-to-market for master data
  • No errors in order processing and production

SAP service portfolio

encoway enables a smooth cooperation with SAP SD. It includes, among other things, the transfer of master data via IDoc, derivation of KMATs incl. object dependencies as well as automated SD document creation.

With encoway CPQ you can transfer LO-VC models automatically and run them in encoway’s configurator. With encoway you configure your KMAT where you want.

With encoway’s document generation, you can create convincing and error-free documents at the touch of a button.

Whether concise quotations, promotional price information or extensive project quotes with hundreds of pages. All documents are available in your corporate design. Depending on your wishes, it can be your own design or that of the respective sales companies, dealers or distribution partners.

The modelling environment of encoway CPQ makes it possible to structure product knowledge in a modular, object-oriented and media-neutral way. In this way, you can easily map design, production and market-relevant knowledge and enable it to be reused.

This not only saves time and money, but also increases the quality and consistency of the knowledge models created. Save and consolidate configuration knowledge in the encoway CPQ-Studio data maintenance environment.

We speak the language of your markets. There is therefore no limit to the worldwide sales of your products and solutions.

The encoway products and interfaces are fully unicode-capable. The number of mappable languages in the system is not restricted and you can also use Asian or Cyrillic characters.

One basic principle of encoway products is the strict separation of content language and logic. The object dependencies in the configurator or the templates in document generation are only built up once. They can then be used in all maintained languages.

For example, you can create your offer in English and print it in Russian.

Via intelligent search and filtering mechanisms, for example hierarchies, combinable filters and the full-text search, your users will find the perfect solution for their respective requirements with ease. Even new employees and customers without product knowledge will find what they are looking for.

You can book our software with different operating models: Cloud and Private Cloud, as well as On-Permise and Software as a Service. We will be happy to advise you on which operating model is right for your company.

With Business Intelligence & Analytics you get more out of your CPQ data. You get the optimal basis for better business decisions.

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