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encoway CPQ Sales: The quotation configurator

The configurator for your sales team

encoway CPQ Sales is the standard software for product configuration and quotation creation for your internal and external sales teams. The software supports the entire sales process for complex products and solutions, either as a stand-alone tool for preparing quotations or integrated into CRM processes.

Quickly create error-free quotations for complex products

encoway CPQ Sales simplifies the work of sales staff in the office and in the field. This is because the software supports the entire sales process and quotations are created faster, more easily and without errors. Guided Selling enables your employees to easily move from the customer’s challenges to the appropriate solution. No in-depth product knowledge is necessary. Only what really works can be configured. This means that even new colleagues can create error-free and appealing quotations right from the start. Time-consuming queries are avoided.


Our references include renowned companies

Your sales organisation works reliably and independently of location

Your sales staff has constant access to the entire portfolio and the latest product variants. You can immediately present error-free products and an attractive and well-structured offer while still on site. Customer-specific special conditions or country-specific requirements are automatically taken into account in the calculation.

Consistent data basis for sales and production

encoway CPQ Sales is available as stand-alone software or as an integration. We offer integrations for the CRM systems from Microsoft and Salesforce. In addition, the software can be integrated with SAP ERP. Here you can automatically convert quotations into orders. This saves time and avoids errors in production. Cost-intensive rework is avoided.

Data modelling made simple

The basis for encoway CPQ Sales is our data maintenance environment encoway CPQ Studio. This environment supports you in setting up the product logic. At the same time it facilitates the efficient maintenance of your product data including import from other systems.

Green configuration for a sustainable and economical configuration

Our Guided Selling approach guides you step by step through the configuration process. encoway CPQ Sales can automatically include sustainable and economic aspects during the configuration of your products. This makes it easy to configure the right solution for your needs that is also the most sustainable and affordable.

Erfahren Sie im Blogbeitrag wie Green Configuration zu nachhaltigen Lösungen beiträgt.

Features of encoway CPQ Sales

Find out which features encoway CPQ Sales offers you.

Guided Selling asks for the needs of the interested parties. These are then translated into (technical) product features. This is how you reduce hurdles in the sales process and make it easier for your customers to make a purchase decision. Learn more about Guided Selling in our blog post.

Your customers want to see what they get. With an integrated 2D or 3D visualisation, your products can be experienced. You can also place the product directly in a room using augmented reality. This way, your customers can see directly how, for example, the new machine can be placed next to existing ones. You are welcome to get an idea of this in our test environment for augmented reality.

With the help of the CRM integration, you can seamlessly integrate encoway CPQ Sales into your CRM processes. Leave the master data management, workflows or the control of the sales funnel in your familiar CRM.

For all configuration and pricing processes, simply use our software. And best of all: both systems are closely interlinked. So users don’t notice that they are operating two applications in parallel.

With the help of ERP integration, all relevant information is transferred to the ERP. In this way, order processing and sales work hand in hand.

The ERP has two interfaces to the CPQ solution. On the one hand, it forms the foundation of the configuration solution with the master data. After all, you only want to sell what you can produce economically. On the other hand, all orders won must be created in the ERP for transfer to production.


  • Shorter time-to-market for master data
  • No errors in order processing and production

SAP service portfolio

encoway consente una cooperazione senza problemi con SAP SD. Comprende, tra l’altro, il trasferimento dei dati anagrafici tramite IDoc, la derivazione dei KMAT, compresi i dati di base. object dependencies as well as automated SD document creation.

With encoway CPQ you can transfer LO-VC models automatically and run them in encoway’s configurator. With encoway you configure your KMAT where you want.

With encoway’s document generation, you can create convincing and error-free documents at the touch of a button.

Whether concise quotations, promotional price information or extensive project quotes with hundreds of pages. All documents are available in your corporate design. Depending on your wishes, it can be your own design or that of the respective sales companies, dealers or distribution partners.

The modelling environment of encoway CPQ makes it possible to structure product knowledge in a modular, object-oriented and media-neutral way. In this way, you can easily map design, production and market-relevant knowledge and enable it to be reused.

This not only saves time and money, but also increases the quality and consistency of the knowledge models created. Save and consolidate configuration knowledge in the encoway CPQ-Studio data maintenance environment.

We speak the language of your markets. There is therefore no limit to the worldwide sales of your products and solutions.

The encoway products and interfaces are fully unicode-capable. The number of mappable languages in the system is not restricted and you can also use Asian or Cyrillic characters.

One basic principle of encoway products is the strict separation of content language and logic. The object dependencies in the configurator or the templates in document generation are only built up once. They can then be used in all maintained languages.

For example, you can create your quotation in English and print it out in Italian.

With encoway CPQ Sales you calculate freely with the certainty of achieving predefined contribution margins.

You can grant discounts, toggle totals up and down, and do whatever is necessary to be able to produce a compelling quote. With one major difference to Excel: everything takes place in a framework of firmly defined rules and authorisations.

Predefined contribution margins are archieved. If, for example, the purchase price of a component that you buy in changes, this change should also flow directly into the price calculation of the overall solution in which the part is installed – after all, you do not want to achieve a negative contribution margin.

With encoway CPQ Sales’ end-to-end costing system, you ensure that your costing is profitable. Because the system knows the parameters of the process chain that are relevant for the calculation, and ensures that all the prices are always up to date.

Approval processes for additional discounts

Using workflows, the encoway CPQ system ensures that in exceptional cases it is possible to deviate from the defined calculation rules. For example, supervisors can give their approval for an important key account customer to be granted a special discount to allow you to win the contract for your company.

Via intelligent search and filtering mechanisms, for example hierarchies, combinable filters and the full-text search, your users will find the perfect solution for their respective requirements with ease. Even new employees and customers without product knowledge will find what they are looking for.

Only very few customers will accept your first quotation. The first offer is usually more of an initial mark-up that serves as a basis for negotiation. In the further adjustments of the offer, chaos quickly arises without a management system. Quotation management in encoway CPQ helps you to retain an overview and to document changes in a revision-proof form – without losing the flexibility of customer contact.

In addition, encoway CPQ Sales enables versioning of your quotation documents. You are able to create multiple versions under one quotation number and return to any version at any time in order to create a new quote on that basis.

The whole thing works with or without CRM – depending on how it fits better into your system landscape.

You can book our software with different operating models: Cloud and Private Cloud, as well as On-Permise and Software as a Service. We will be happy to advise you on which operating model is right for your company.

Workflows give you more stability and speed in your processes. If desired, the system can be integrated into existing workflows of your CRM.

With Business Intelligence & Analytics you get more out of your CPQ data. You get the optimal basis for better business decisions.

You use permissions to control access and release for individual sales employees, employee groups or sales organisations in your company. This allows you to manage access and authorisation efficiently in global sales structures.

Experience encoway CPQ Sales live

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