Mastering variety intelligently and simply

encoway is the leading full-service provider in the fields of Configure Price Quote and Variant management.

We provide companies from the manufacturing industry with comprehensive advice, powerful CPQ software, and value-creating services from a single source in order to sustainably increase efficiency in the management and marketing of multiple-variant products and solutions.

Product configuration

Master multiple-variant portfolios with a powerful configurator.

Quotation configuration

Create quotes for complex products and solutions quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Visual configuration

Provide compelling visual product experiences and sell more successfully.

Omnichannel sales

Offer products across all channels to generate more leads and sales.

Selected success stories from our cutomers

3D visualisation points the way to the perfect solution
Trouble-free software implementation with competent project support
Attractive quotation documents – generated automatically
Individual quotations in 70% less time.
100% technically correct information for incoming orders
Create accurate quotes - quickly and easily

End-to-End solutions

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