Business Intelligence & Analytics

Get more out of your CPQ data

In order to provide your customers with tailor-made solutions, it is important to master two key skills: recognising the needs and preferences of your customers and deriving the right decisions for your company.

Analyse and use CPQ data

encoway’s Analytics add-on transforms configuration and quotation data into valuable information. You can easily transfer your data from the encoway CPQ system to a business intelligence tool. With just one click, you have direct access to all the important information. Prepared in clear and individually adaptable charts, this provides a sound basis for decisions and minimises the risk of wrong decisions and unused potential for optimisation.

Interactive visualisation

The encoway CPQ BI Connector consists of a 3-tier, scalable architecture that is able to receive data from quotations, queries, and configurations, to process them for the application, and to display them as standard in the open source analytics platform Kibana. If required, it can also be integrated into other BI systems. This is possible for the data from the encoway products encoway CPQ Sales and encoway CPQ Showroom – and also for any additional project-specific extensions.

The encoway CPQ BI Connector offers the following benefits:

Sales & Marketing

  • Manage sales promotion campaigns more systematically
  • Monitor the success of activities more effectively
  • Improve your customer retention and success rate

Product Management

  • Transform trends into new products faster
  • Tailor products to customers more effectively
  • Reduce variance and optimise your portfolio


  • Align production to customer requirements
  • Plan production capacities better
  • Optimise storage costs and risk