Reliably safeguard your software operation and user satisfaction

Do you ever wonder why your software service providers also offer service, maintenance and care?

The new software solution is in productive use and works well. Some people wonder why they should use services at all. Unlike a machine in production, the software solution shows no signs of wear and tear – at least this is often the overhasty assumption.

Although software does not provide a haptic experience, some aspects resemble those of a piece of machinery. Mechanical tools have to be maintained in order to keep them running successfully and profitably. Worn, outdated machinery no longer provides the desired results. The targeted figures can no longer be met in the long term. This is a cause of frustration for the users and leads to a sharp decline in acceptance.

This equally applies to software. The software solution is also a tool that you provide to your specialist staff to support and simplify their complex activities. It therefore also requires a certain amount of maintenance and appropriate service.

For machines, regular inspections are essential. Parts subject to wear have to be replaced, problems corrected and adjustments made to changing working methods. For your software solution, this corresponds to scheduled updates, monitoring, necessary adjustments and further developments. These are also essential for operation.

It is important to respond appropriately to changing system environments and business processes. A smooth value creation chain is only guaranteed by the well-functioning interaction of both operationally relevant tools.

Position yourself professionally beyond the initial installation. It is important to be professionally prepared beyond the initial installation and to arm yourself for any future situations and related issues involving the active use of your software. This ensures the long-term success of your software solution and that you can proactively keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital world.

We can provide you with expertise and quality in the form of solution-oriented maintenance and services for your encoway software.

Enjoy the benefits of the continuous further development of our products which we will regularly make available to you as part of our maintenance service. In addition, experts from various fields will be available to provide you with professional help with updates and any usage problems relating to your individually tailored software.