Guide | Data and rule maintenance in CPQ systems – what you should take into account

For the successful marketing of complex, multiple-variant products, the processes and data in the company must interact smoothly with each other.  The introduction of an integrated product configurator is the ideal tool to ensure seamless processes and efficient use of data from product management, marketing and sales to order processing.

The centrepiece of a CPQ solution is a powerful data and rule maintenance system that provides all the configurators with the right information. Here, data, models and rules are constructed, merged and expanded. Product data can be imported from existing systems or newly created in CPQ’s own data maintenance system.

In order to ensure that a CPQ solution will sustainably support your product and sales strategy and not just deliver impressive results in the short term, it is important to take a look at the options for data and rule maintenance at an early stage.

Find out in the guide…

  • what problems can arise in the maintenance and management of product data and rules in Excel, Word and other expert tools.
  • what constitutes a good tool for data and rule maintenance.
  • how to find the right CPQ system including data maintenance for your requirements.