Amazone: 100% technically correct information for incoming orders

With over 10,000 product combinations, the leading agricultural machinery manufacturer Amazonen Werke H. Dreyer has a vast amount of variants for its dealers and representatives to handle. To make sure that they don’t lose the overview, a quote configurator not only offers easy access to the multi-variant product portfolio but also provides 100% technically correct information for incoming orders and ensures that all quotations can be generated quickly and securely.

Customer benefits at a glance:

  • Quick online access to the product portfolio for dealers and representatives
  • Quick configuration of the most complex machinery
  • Quick and error-free quotation generation, including pricing
  • Automated order acceptance
  • Easy to use with structured user guidance/prompting
  • Integrated checking of plausibility and manufacturability
  • Automatic generation of quotation documents (with optional price and product details, and pictures)
  • Quotation documents in Amazone corporate design
  • Quotation documents in both HTML and PDF formats. Dealer logo can also be incorporated
  • Data and logic transfer through the ERP system
  • Documents directly transmitted to CRM
  • User administration system with different roles

90% of domestic machinery orders run on the configurator

The product configurator developed together with encoway was first presented to the public at the international agriculture machinery trade fair Agritechnica in 2009.

The dealers’ response to the configurator was so positive that the exhibitor was overwhelmed by the rush. “Queues built up at the booths with the new quotation system,” reports Mr Schutte, Head of Sales at Amazone. Today, around 500 dealers from Germany and the rest of Europe use the product and quotation configurator.

“Since its introduction, 90 percent of domestic orders have been processed using the configurator,” adds Schutte. To meet strong international demand, the system runs in various languages including German, English, French and Russian.

Clear, well-structured quotation documents

Andreas Hemeyer, Executive Director and Sales Manager at Amazonen-Werke decided that the costly and error-prone quotation process at could be better organized. “It was important for us to automate the entire process from quote generation to quote acceptance in order to increase the quality of the quotation process and ensure that all orders were correct,“ explains Hemeyer. At the same time, we wanted to make preparing quotations as simple as possible for the dealer.

Just like in car sales, the dealer uses the configurator to sell not only the technical capabilities of the machinery, but also the various features. “This tool allows the dealer to focus on their conversation with the customer. The customer has the chance to discuss all the technical modalities of the machinery with the dealer, and configure their own individual model with technical precision,“ explains Hemeyer. The quotation document which is then generated, provides the customer with a clear overview of the machinery that has been individually configured for them. If required, the documents can be created with price and product details, and also pictures.

Customer information

Founded in 1883, Amazonen-Werke H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG is a family-operated company specialising in fertiliser spreaders and seed drills, soil tillage implements and crop protection sprayers. The Amazone group has around 1,800 employees. Exports account for around 80% of sales in over 70 countries. The main customers for the machinery include medium-sized farms, and an increasing number of large-scale operations and contractors.

Advantages for dealers

The user administration system is designed to react in different ways depending on a dealer’s or sales representative’s respective roles when they use the system: Representatives and dealers can use the tool to configure products and create individual quotations. The dealers can not only incorporate their own logo in quotations, but can also show their price calculations. The tool has access to a gross price list, which it uses to generate the quote. The decision regarding the discounts a dealer gives to their customers is their own to make. “The dealer can select whether to make their conditions transparent to the customer or not. A high level of trade acceptance is of key important to us,“ says Hemeyer.

„It was important for us to automate the entire process from quote generation to quote acceptance...“

Configuring the exact customer needs

The product configurator helps dealers and representatives from Amazone with the configuration of Amazone’s agricultural machinery. Registered users can access it via the Amazone website. The user interface and user guidance are easy to use and are in the Amazone corporate design: The users can configure freely in the product groups or choose pre-defined solutions and then complete the machinery individually for the customer, to meet their requirements. The configurator then shows the appropriate technical links for the information entered. “For example, the width of the tracks in a field determines whether the configured vehicle type is equipped with narrow or wide tyres,” explains Hemeyer. So when selecting the axis, the configurator uses the stored dependencies to match this to the technically correct tyre type for the vehicle.

A special feature of the Amazone tool is that even in advanced compositions, options that have at an earlier stage been declined can still be selected, and the configuration adapted accordingly.

Country-specific configuration

Quotations can also be generated on a country-specific basis, as shown in the following example:  Machinery that is used in France, for example, requires different safety equipment to machinery used in the Netherlands. For sale and use in Germany, the configurator only selects TÜV-approved machines.

Linkage with ERP systems

The main system at Amazone is ERP. encoway’s integration of the software into the existing IT environment at Amazone ensures integrated processes. “The data maintenance takes place exclusively in the ERP system,“ says Schutte. The product and customer data are taken from the existing ERP system. After a training session, Amazone employees are able to independently update and expand product data and rule sets, as well as translations, price lists and pre-defined products. Configured products are transferred directly into the CRM system. Up until now, the Amazone tools have created over 45,000 quotations.

„This tool allows the dealer to focus on their conversation with the customer."


Amazone is currently implementing further enhancements and improvements. Soon, an even more user-friendly interface will be available, especially for use on tablets. The implementation of an editorial system for managing images and other data is also planned.