Amazone: 100% technically correct information for incoming orders

With over 10,000 product combinations, the leading agricultural machinery manufacturer Amazonen Werke H. Dreyer has a vast amount of variants for its dealers and representatives to handle. To make sure that they don’t lose the overview, a quote configurator not only offers easy access to the multi-variant product portfolio but also provides 100% technically correct information for incoming orders and ensures that all quotations can be generated quickly and securely.


Industry: Agricultural technology / agricultural machinery
Portfolio: Agricultural equipment for soil cultivation, sowing technology, fertilisation and plant protection
Headquarters: Hasbergen
Size: approx. 1,800 employees

Customer benefits

  • Quick online access to the product portfolio for dealers and representatives
  • Quick configuration of the most complex machinery
  • Quick and error-free quotation generation, including pricing
  • Automated order acceptance
  • Easy to use with structured user guidance/prompting
  • Integrated checking of plausibility and manufacturability
  • Automatic generation of quotation documents (with optional price and product details, and pictures)
  • Quotation documents in Amazone corporate design
  • Quotation documents in both HTML and PDF formats. Dealer logo can also be incorporated
  • Data and logic transfer through the ERP system
  • Documents directly transmitted to CRM
  • User administration system with different roles

Customer testimonial

Customer testimonial: “It was important to us to automate the entire route from quotation to order acceptance, so that the quality in the quotation process increases and only correct orders are placed.”

Andreas Hemeyer
Andreas Hemeyer Member of the management and overall sales manager
Amazonen-Werke H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG

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